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Vehicles & Props

Environments       Animation & Cinematics  

Metacritic Global Game Score = 90 out of 100

I was in charge of gameplay & core gameplay art assets. Being in charge of the gameplay assets was a fun challenge.

I had to deal with sorting rendering each asset correctly. Each art asset had to have the correct test/write z buffer. As well as having the correct sort layer

Gameplay VFX I did by using middleware Fork Particle. Mostly used after effects to create flipbook textures. Then applied to particles


Guitar String Shader I built with Shader FX. Converted to CGFX to test realtime shader in maya. Programmers optimized shader to function in game.


Guitar String Shader breakdown

Gameplay Color Remap greyscale texture for colored notes and color blind mode

Gameplay Tail Notes


Gameplay concept with after effects. Used trapcode Mir and a bunch of filters till it looked decent


Rocksmith 2014

Published on Xbox360/PS3/PC/Mac

Rocksmith 2014 evolves from the original. Scoring Rave reviews. Averaging 9 out of 10 for the majority of reviews.

I was in charge of all the gameplay vfx & gameplay assets. Assets range from the abstract musical gameplay vfx to the cleaned up, revised note assets